Somewhere in 1996 my then 4 years old daughter asked me to build a model village made of paper houses.


So I tried a few things and made some houses but it was quite difficult to create somewhat more realistic buildings.


In these times you're next thought is always: Internet, let's just pick up what I need from internet. After a long search I found one (no more and no less) site with one free sample of a small building.


This was really disappointing so I decided to do something I never expected to do ... and created this website.
The PaperBuildings site.

And yes, since the start of my site more and more paper modelling sites have appeared on the net.
Also, by now this site has not really been updated with new models for several years, but I thought it such a waste of various beautifull models to take it down...


I've tried to gather the, in my opinion, most worthwhile sites on the link page. However, if you see other nice sites that I don't mention, please let me know and I'll add them.